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  • Advantages of Plastic Wood Railings Compared with Pure Wood Bars

    Advantages of Plastic Wood Railings Compared with Pure Wood Bars

    Although plastic wood railings are more expensive than pure wood railings, their relatively high costs are gradually decreasing as manufacturers find more efficient processing methods. The use of recycled plastics in composite materials can further reduce costs. Even in the face of the current cost structure, many consumers are still willing to accept relatively high prices because of the advantages of these composite materials.

    Advantages of plastic wood railings:

    (1) Plastic wood railings can be waterproof and moisture-proof. The problem that wood products are easy to rot, expand and deform after absorbing water in wet and multi-water environments is solved. It can be used in environments where traditional wood products can not be applied.

    (2) Plastic wood railings can prevent insects and termites, effectively eliminate pest harassment and prolong service life.

    (3) There are many colors to choose from. It has both natural wood texture and wood texture, and you can customize the color according to your personality.

    (4) Plastic wood railings have strong plasticity, which can easily realize personalized modeling and fully embody personalized style.

    (5) Plastic wood railings are environmentally friendly, pollution-free, pollution-free and recyclable. The product does not contain benzene, and the formaldehyde content is 0.2, which is lower than the EO grade standard. It is the European grade environmental protection standard. It can be recycled, which saves the use of wood greatly. It is suitable for the national policy of sustainable development and benefits society.

    (6) Plastic wood railings have high fire resistance. It can be an effective flame retardant. The fire protection level reaches B1 level. It extinguishes in case of fire and does not produce any toxic gases.

    (7) Plastic wood railings have good workability. They can be ordered, planed, sawed, drilled and painted.

    (8) Plastic wood railings are easy to install, convenient to construct and do not need complicated construction technology, saving installation time and cost.

    (9) Plastic wood railings do not crack, expand, deform, and need no maintenance. It is easy to clean and saves later maintenance and maintenance costs.

    (10)Plastic wood railings have a good sound absorption effect and good energy-saving, making indoor energy-saving up to 30%.

    Plastic Wood Railings

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